Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Today :))

Today :))
I want smile every day,
I want to announce in the world that iam very happy,
cause him,
yes cause him,

He is back again,
he talk with me,
he say hy to me,
and we study together,

I think,,,
this is way for him,
cause this weekend is examination,
so he need me,,

But, nope...
I like that,
cause i think,
i need him too,

full service between I and him,
we help each other when "..."
he look me,
look maybe i need him,
and order me,
I look him,
maybe he need me,

at the same time i look him when he look me,
shy shy shy,
we just smile each other,,

then when, will go home...
we same bad luck!!
My wheel is leak,
and his "apa gitu" i don't know the name is lost,

when i want go home iam confused,
lazy walk and bring my motorcycle,
so i stop,gather together w/my friend,
and he stand with face like confused,
prove, "itunya"is lost hihihi funny,
i want to laugh but can't :))

Then he borrow my key for service "itunya"
iam w/ my motor in service too,
then he go home early and say "go home yee"
yaa like thatlah :))

So funny today, but maybe the result of biology i and him is bad -,-
Hufvet -,-
But my physics is 92,5..
wuhuuu happy veryy :))

~Sorry if not orderly~ *ngasal sih*

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